Live on Midwinter's Day

by The Silver Twiglets



released December 25, 2013

Carol concert recorded live at St Dunstan's House, Glastonbury 22nd Dec 2013. Engineered and masterminded by Sam Welbourne.

Cover design: Will Greenwood, Photo: Amanda Earthwren.



all rights reserved


Tim Hawthorn Glastonbury, UK

Singer - songwriter
Elder Bard of Ynys Witrin
Silver on the Tree
Avalonian Free State Choir
Invisible Opera
The Silver Twiglets
The Archetypes

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Track Name: Welcum Yule
Welcome Yule, old heaven's king.
Welcome Yule, born this morning,
Welcome Yule, man full smiling
Welcome, Welcome Yule

Welcome Yule, thou merry man,
Welcome Yule, spend here thy span.
Welcome Yule, thou merry man,
Welcome, Welcome Yule

Welcome Yule, red robéd one,
Welcome Yule, come from the sun,
Welcome Yule, our heart's crimson,
Welcome, Welcome Yule!
Welcome Yule, good news bearer,
Welcome Yule, of the New Year,
Welcome Yule, twelve days you'll hear,
Welcome, Welcome Yule!


Welcome Yule, thy log's aflame,
Welcome Yule, thy fire doth gain,
Welcome Yule, warmth grows again,
Welcome, Welcome Yule!
Welcome Yule, enter this hall,
Welcome Yule, centre of all,
Welcome Yule, our first carol,
Welcome, Welcome Yule!


Welcome Yule, as ever was,
Welcome Yule, as ever thus,
Welcome Yule, as ever must,
Welcome, Welcome Yule!
Welcome Yule, come well in here,
Welcome Yule, make us good cheer,
Welcome Yule, once more thou'rt here,
Welcome, Welcome Yule!
Track Name: The Carol of the Unconquered Sun
Nowell sing we, both all and some,
The sun unconqueréd is come.

He's risen up in love and joy,
Flames out his favour from the sky;
His being brings us gaiety,
Both all and some, both all and some.

Out of the womb of deepest night,
He's sprung with growing warmth and light,
To cure disease and put us right,
Both all and some, both all and some.

The saving sun to us was sent,
To bliss us brought, from blackness bent,
Or else to death we down had went,
Both all and some, both all and some.

Oh, he will shine with love and light,
In furrows fair his pennon strike,
The earth is stirred with lust for life,
Both all and some, both all and some.

Praise to the sun for our comfort,
He's guided us to join his sport,
We'll hold our happiness in his sort,
Both all and some, both all and some.
Track Name: The Praise of Solstice
All hail to the days that merit more praise
than all of the rest of the year.
And welcome the nights that double delights
as well for the poor as the peer.
Good fortune attend each merry man's friend
that does but the best that he may,
Forgetting old wrongs with carols and songs
To drive the cold winter away.

Tis ill for a mind to anger inclined
to think of small injuries now.
If wrath be to seek, do not lend thy cheek
nor let it inhabit thy brow.
Cross out of thy books malevolent looks
both beauty and youth's decay
And wholly consort with mirth and with sport
to drive the cold winter away.

This time of the year is pent in good cheer
and neighbours together do meet.
To sit by the fire in friendly desire
each other in love to greet.
Old grudges forgot are put in the pot
all sorrow aside they lay.
The old and the young doth carol this song
to drive the cold winter away.

When solstice's tide comes in like a bride
with holly and ivy clad
Twelve days in the year much mirth and good cheer
in every household is had.
The country guise is then to devise
some gambols of Yuletide play
Whereat the young men do the best that they can
to drive the cold winter away.
Track Name: Zummerzet Wassail
Wassail, and wassail, all over the town!
The cup it is white, and the ale it is brown;
the cup it is made of the good ashen tree,
and so is the malt of the best barley:

For it's your wassail, and it's our wassail!
And its joy be to you and a jolly wassail!

O master and miss's, are you all within?
Pray open the door and let us come in:
O master and miss's, a sitting by the fire,
Pray think upon poor trav'llers, a trav'lling in the mire:

O where is the maid with the silver-headed pin,
To open the door and let us come in?
O master and missus, it is our desire
A good loaf and cheese, and a toast by the fire:

There was an old man and he had an old cow,
And how for to keep her he didn't know how,
He built up a barn for to keep his cow warm,
And a drop or two of cider will do us no harm.

No harm boys/girls, harm: No harm boys/girls,
harm and a drop or two of cider will do us no harm!

The girt dog of Langport he bunt his long tail,
And this is the night we go singing wassail;
O master and missus, now we must be gone;
So bless all in this house 'til we do come again:
Track Name: Green Growth The Holly
Green grow'th the holly
So doth the ivy
Though winter blasts blow ne'er so high
Green grow'th the holly

Gay are the flowers
Hedgerows and ploughlands
The days grow longer in the sun
Soft fall the showers

Full gold the harvest
Grain for thy labour
with god must work for daily bread
Else, man, thou starvest

Fast fall the shed leaves
Russet and yellow
but resting buds are snug and safe
where swung the dead leaves

Green grow'th the holly
So doth the ivy
The god of life can never die
Hope! Saith the holly!
Track Name: The Greensleeves Carol
The old year now away has fled
the New Year it has enteréd
Let us now our fears downtread
And joyfully all appear - o
Let's merry be this day
and let us now both dance and play
Kiss, love, cast cares away
to welcome in the New Year

The first day of the year we keep
And we shall never wail or weep
We will good fortune reap
And live with merry cheer - o
Houses now are crowned with thorn
With berry and with ivy - corn
We'll uphold the Wassail horn
To welcome in the New Year

And now with New Year gifts,
each friend His letter doth the other send
We will our comfort lend
And spare not of our gear - o
Like a snake cast off your skin
And to fresh fellow feelings win
Living so you shall begin
To welcome in the New Year
Track Name: Levy Dew
Levy dew, sing levy dew
The water and the wine.
Seven bright gold stars
and the full moon doth shine.

Here comes a maiden with gold on her toe
Open the west gate and let the old year go

Here comes a maiden with gold on her shoe
Open the south gate and make the old year new

Here comes a maiden with gold on her chin
Open the east gate and let the new year in

Here comes a maiden with gold in her eye
Open the north gate and let the new year fly!
Track Name: Midwinter's Day
Brothers and sisters now lend me your ears
why do we celebrate this time of year?
Some say those feet did in ancient time
walk upon pastures much closer to home

Hey and a hey, carol away,
Let's raise the rafters on midwinter's day

Some brought him frankincense, myrrh and gold
Some bought his effigy and know not what they sold
Some bought the empire and paid for their sins
Some brought in armies to do the heathens in


Abbots and monks of yestertime
Lay down your books now, and share out the wine
Lay down your quarrels and sheath up your swords
This is no way to worship your lord
Put down your guilt and your unholy fears
Love loves love, and that's all there is


And let us remember on this winter's day
Why we make merry and carol and play
Some say a child in Bethlehem born
Some say we wait for the sun to return
Some say the sun was the son of the sun
Some say the Mabon, I've nearly begun
Track Name: The Grail Carol
He bare him up, he bare him down;
Lulley, lulley, lulley, lulley,
He bare him to an orchard brown;
The falcon hath borne my make away.

Down in yon forest there stands a hall;
It's covered all over with purple and pall;

In that hall there stands a bed;
It's covered all over with gold so red;

And in that bed there lieth a knight;
His wounds did bleed both day and night;

By that bedside there kneeleth a may;
And she weepeth both night and day;

Under that bed there runs a flood;
The one half runs water, the other runs blood;

Upon the bedpost the moon shines bright;
To bring in the honey- dew this very night;

And by the bedside there standeth a stone;
The ancient mysteries written thereon;
Track Name: The Holly and The Ivy
The Holly and the Ivy
when they are both full-grown
of all the trees that are in the wood
The Holly/Ivy bears the crown

The rising of the sun
And the running of the deer
The rounding of the shining moon
The weary worn hunter

The holly bears a blossom
White as the lily flower
and ivy bears the blackest buds
to pull him to her power

The holly bears a berry
As red as any blood
And ivy bears the greenest leaves
To wrap him in her hood

The holly bears a prickle
as sharp as any thorn
and ivy bears a clinging vine
to smother him right down

The holly bears a bark
Bitter as any gall
and ivy bears small nectar flowers
to sweeten all his fall

The holly and the ivy
when they are both full-grown
of all the trees that are in the wood
these two shall wreathe as one
Track Name: Deck the Hall
Deck the hall with boughs of holly
Fala-lalala La la la la!
Tis the season to be jolly
Fala-lalala Fa la la la!
Don we now our gay apparel
Falala falala la la la!
Troll the ancient Yule-tide carol
Fala-lalala Fa la la la!

See the blazing log before us
Strike the harp and join the chorus
Follow me in merry measure
While I tell of solstice treasure

Fast away the old year passes
Hail the new year lads and lasses
Sing we joyously together
Heedless of the wind and weather
Track Name: Patapan
Mary bring your rounded drum
With your long flute Robin come
When we hear them play as one
Turelurelu, patapatapan
When we hear them play as one
Then the year will be well begun!

Thus the men of olden days
Lov'd the uprising sun to praise
Now we hear both flute and drum
Turelurelu, patapatapan
Now we hear both flute and drum
Surely we too must do the same!

Sun and moon have now become
More at one than flute and drum
When we hear them play as one
Turelurelu, patapatapan
When we hear them play as one
Together let us come!
Track Name: The Apple Tree Wassail
Old apple tree we wassail thee
and hope that you will bear.
The Lord does know where we shall be
to be merry another year.

To blow well and to bear well,
and so merry let us be.
Let every man drink up his cup,
and health to the old apple tree.
Track Name: Celtic Prayer
Power of raven be thine,
Power of Eagle be thine,
Power of the Fiann.

Power of storm be thine,
Power of moon be thine,
Power of the sun.

Power of sea be thine,
Power of land be thine,
Power of heaven.

Goodness of sea be thine,
Goodness of earth be thine,
Goodness of heaven.

Each day be joyous to to thee,
No day be grievous to thee,
Honour and compassion.

Love of each face be thine,
Death on pillow be thine,
Thy maker's presence.