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Neuromancer 04:43
Am I waiting for you? Are you waiting for me? Some hidden sign Is this the perfect mystery? Oh got to give it up love Oh learn the meaning of Oh got to give up learning Learn to mean to love (You're not too mean to love) Am I trying to hard? Or maybe not enough? Is this fear of falling Or fear of being loved? Oh got to give it up This need to find an answer Share the overflowing cup of neuromancers' laughter The world is waiting for you (yes you!) To wake up and realise You're an essential part of all our lives
Can I get behind your well designed personality Will I let you under mine? I don't want your body or your money or an ornament I just want a piece of your time We're playing with fire Taking it too seriously But we're taking no concern You're playing with fire Think you're taking no chances But you're taking all the chances in the world I don't want to use you or seduce you or to take you for a ride Or play the game and ask you for the last dance I just want to talk and be as friends not be devoted till the end and gazing eye to eye be blinded by romance Can't we try to come to some agreement Let's see eye to eye not arm to arm wrestling all the world to conquer our bereavements Let's hold each other tight and make our hearts grow warm
Oh I know, it's so obvious, songs like this are never very comfortable. I never meant to make you nervous and in future I might try to make the effort to behave the way that you want me. Oh I know, everytime I make a move, it's so predictable. Wish I could speak some magic line and in future I might try to make the effort to make sense the way that you want me. Yes you guessed it, tomorrow I'll be singing this song to someone else. You see I am working on the law of averages and eventually I will find someone of a much more likely mind. To be ruthless, please stay sleeping beauty, I don't want to waste your time or mine. After all, shouldn't we be having fun? Oh I know, you can tell you're not the only one I've told this parable. Wish I could be your perfect partner, just for one night, but like lucifer I'd fall as far as I'm concerned you could have had it all or nothing. If you would take me as I am as far as I'm concerned you could have it all or nothing.
Here's another sad song about feeling all alone, my seed unsown, or should I celebrate my unsold heart? Here's another torn-off note next to the telling-bone A vote unknown, no tiny death unlocks her silent throat. But I really kinda like her style And I really could adopt that smile, But there's certain things in life That make me so unsure. And I don't think that I'm in denial, Well, maybe I should touch that dial, It's just certain things in life That make me so unsure. Here's another normal day with no distractions now, Tell me how the time may heal this most wholly fractured vow. Here's another whole blank page, filled with words I hope amuse, If I were to choose I think I'd rig the whole election. Coz I'm really feeling most beguiled By the fairest face of heaven's child, But there's certain things in life That make me so unsure. And I don't think it would be a trial, And I'd just like you to stay awhile, It's just certain things in life That make me so unsure.
No Trouble 05:30
Sit me down in the corner of your room, Feed me with a wooden spoon and I'll be no trouble Show me which direction to go, Tell me once and then I'll know and I'll be no trouble I won't be here by the time it's late I'll probably leave and gently close the gate I'll wash up my cup and the pattern off my plate leave them on the side Let me out in your back yard Make me softer when I'm hard and I'll be no trouble Don't you worry about me if I'm not there I'll be no trouble
Damn Real 04:14
All praise to the holy rolling political charade Do you really believe or are you just trying to look hard? I'm buggered if I understand the issues at all I'm not putting my life on the line just to be fashionable This is how I know I'm not preaching to the converted Cause there's no convenient sign There's no physical line There's no us and them This ain't no fantasy land This is damn real. And all my life people called me lazy But I'm not lazy it's just that I'm not sure The devil that you know might be half crazy And wasn't this the way we started the last world war? So do you know who wrote your script? Into whose plans you neatly fit? And how many dreamers in thirty year's time Will be tried by our children for new-age crimes?
Just 04:30
Dirty Water 07:17
Black tracks across the map, stick your family down with sticky tack, Never mind that Meanwhile dying now across the border more cannon fodder in the name of law and order And all you houseproud armchair cowards still send your sons to the desert for the slaughter Tell me white man would you send out your daughter miles every day for dirty water? Bureaucrats and bullies both who swear the oath of endless growth And blame their victims for their sloth (Are blown out by their overgrowth) The secret they can never know is how to win by letting go and purify that bloody muddy flow (And purify the seed of hope new life to grow) Everyone accepts the lies The moral chains and social ties and praise the makers of their pain (and blame the other slaves who play the game) They say the cost of living is too high What price you and I? Someone told me that they sold the sky (Someone told me that we have to rent out space where we can fly)
Mama Gaia 05:56
Mama Gaia I feel you lift me up and carry me
Dark is overcome by light Sure as day follows night Waiting for the light to return Calling on the big walkers Calling on the standing stoners Calling on the ancestors Calling on the future teachers Calling on the angry lovers Calling all my sister brothers Join the free discussion And share the ritual ration While we're waiting for the light to return


This is a bit of a wedding present of awkward songs around the theme of post-truth uncertainty. Originally conceived as a collection of solo demos, drummer Dan Poole suggested overdubbing parts via the internet during the 2020 lockdown. This is the first album I've produced myself from concept to cover and I wanted to bring together all the facets of my musical personality into one recording, so this goes from semi-acoustic to space punk with bits of orchestral arrangements; every song is different. The album explores the relationships between key and tempo over a series of cinematic episodes; a feature-length musical narrative runs through it that sews it all together with gossamer threads of twisted steal.

I just could not have done this without the support of
Tina Bragaglia, Anne Mildon, Jeremy Bull, Wes White, Jules Bywater-Lees, Paul Woodwright, Nathan Lewis Williams, Mark Swann, Gem Cormac Quinn, Cary Grace, Jon Farley, Phil Cowburn, Charley Barley, Frances Rockhill, Libby Butler, Sheila Chandra, Jean Parker, Barry Jones, Ultan Tierney and all of you that have come to gigs and bought CDs, Thank you so much!


released July 23, 2021

Richard Mason - guitars, vox
Laura Tupker - tuned percussion, vox
Andy Roid - synths
Dan Poole - drum kit, horns
Tim Hawthorn - bass, vox, guitar, gliss, midi arrangements
Graham Clark - violin
Richard Armstrong-Sealand - theremin, vox

Cover art: Frances Rockhill; Design Tim Hawthorn
All titles written and produced by Tim Hawthorn


all rights reserved



Tim Hawthorn Glastonbury, UK

Singer - songwriter
Elder Bard of Ynys Witrin
Silver on the Tree
Avalonian Free State Choir
Invisible Opera
The Silver Twiglets
The Archetypes

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