Live In Your Psyche: Kozfest 2016

by Tim Hawthorn and The Archetypes



released June 21, 2017

Tim Hawthorn: Vox, Bass
Laura Tupker: Vox, Percussion
Richard Mason: Vox, Guitar
Andy Bull: Synths & Keys
Greg Willow: Drum Kit

Recorded by Pete Wibrew at Kozfest 2016
Mixed by Tim Hawthorn with assistance from Sam Welbourne and Andy Bull



all rights reserved


Tim Hawthorn Glastonbury, UK

Singer - songwriter
Elder Bard of Ynys Witrin
Silver on the Tree
Avalonian Free State Choir
Invisible Opera
The Silver Twiglets
The Archetypes

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Track Name: White Horse - Yoo Doo Right
There's a young traveller that everyone knows
With bells round her ankle and a ring through her nose
She rolls up a Rizla of dubious kind
And settles back comfortably to blow her mind
And if you look carefully you'll see her stare
For she can see things that make others too scared
She looks in the darkness and picks out the sparks
That give her the courage to make a new start

She rides on the horses with backs that are bare
With a tear in her eyes and dreads in her hair
She'll lean on the stable door till it won't hold
She knows you can't make her and she won't be told
Away with the wild women, all on the run
She won't pay the Poll Tax, left Dad with her son
She dreams of a lifestyle where everything's free
And sits by the fireside to tell her story

There's a white horse that my grandmother knows
Who rides on the hilltop yet nowhere she goes
And down by the sea she comes in with the foam
Bringing proud Celtic warriors in on the storm
And if you look carefully you'll see her there
For she's the protectress of all who take care
Take care of the forests and dark dingly dells
Where dwell the secrets that keep this world well.
Track Name: Who But I?
Who but I killed the deer; his horns and skin to wear?
Who but I wears the horn; for the maidens all forlorn?
Who but I crossed the wave; with a crew of sailors brave?
Who but I caught the wind; to inspire the light within?

Who but I sets the head afire with smoke?
Who but I knows the meaning of this joke?
Who but I will uphold the common folk?
Who but I did the druids invoke?
Who but I indeed?

Who but I shed a teardrop; in the shining air?
Who lives on the cliff-top; and guards her nest with care?
Who's the fairest of the few; who bathes her face with morning dew?
Who but I is the lightning; and the tree it strikes? (break)

I am the queen of every hive
I am a fire on every hill
I am a shield to every head
I am a spear of righteous will
I am a wave of eternal returns
I am the grave of every hope that burns
I am a string on a star-woven harp
I am nothing but my song

Who but I wields the spear; splashed with blood from battle's fear?
Who swam with the salmon; and ate the nuts of wisdom?
Who but I on the hill speaks the truth with words of skill?
Who but I cut the beard of the boldest beast most feared?

I am a child who knows the secrets of the stones
I am a child who knows the pathways of the sun
I am a child who knows the ages of the moon
Who but I hears the threatening noise of doom?

© 2009 tim hall
Track Name: Nothing Serious
I'm not in love with you, it's just that you're the most beautiful thing I've seen all week,
I'm not in love with you, I just can't stop thinking about you, that's all

And who said anything at all about anything serious?
This is just a pastime to distract myself from whatever it was I was supposed to be dealing with.
And who said anything at all about anything serious, no
This is just a pastime to distract myself from wanting you.

I do apologise if I looked too intensely in your eyes
I was dazzled by your aura, but I'm sure I'll soon recover
I've got no expectations, can't remember any lies
But I sometimes get the feeling that I'm looking through your eyes from the inside

© 1998 tim hall
Track Name: Samsara
Caught up in the mud
Just sludging around
I'm achieving terminal velocity
Going to break new ground

There's a drunk boy, coat slung overhead
To keep the raining raining down
The bottle's nearly empty
But there's nearly enough to drown all my sorrows

You'll never drown

I thought I tried and I waited
But I should have known,
I should have known all along

We'll never make any more than this
We could never fake it now

If this is heaven
Right here, right now
We'd better give it all we've got
Cos forever is a long, long time to be waiting

You'll never drown
So just let go

© 1997 tim hall
Track Name: She Lives In A Time Of Her Own - Mining For Starlight
Man in the moon, it's not too soon to come down,
Let mama be the bread-winner and I will cook dinner, I'll be your clown.
We're mining for starlight, digging up the moonlight, you too are one.
Swimming in colleges to the ancient philosophies, diving right down to the heart of the sun.

Oh yeah I'm going down, down where the stars grow,
Down where the wind blows,
My garden is overgrown and there are fairies in the greenhouse
And they're mining for starlight.

I sit on your belly O sister fair
I'm watching you brother sky, there are clouds in your hair.

© 1990 tim hall