Who but I killed the deer; his horns and skin to wear?
Who but I wears the horn; for the maidens all forlorn?
Who but I crossed the wave; with a crew of sailors brave?
Who but I caught the wind; to inspire the light within?

Who but I sets the head afire with smoke?
Who but I knows the meaning of this joke?
Who but I will uphold the common folk?
Who but I did the druids invoke?
Who but I indeed?

Who but I shed a teardrop; in the shining air?
Who lives on the cliff-top; and guards her nest with care?
Who's the fairest of the few; who bathes her face with morning dew?
Who but I is the lightning; and the tree it strikes? (break)

I am the queen of every hive
I am a fire on every hill
I am a shield to every head
I am a spear of righteous will
I am a wave of eternal returns
I am the grave of every hope that burns
I am a string on a star-woven harp
I am nothing but my song

Who but I wields the spear; splashed with blood from battle's fear?
Who swam with the salmon; and ate the nuts of wisdom?
Who but I on the hill speaks the truth with words of skill?
Who but I cut the beard of the boldest beast most feared?

I am a child who knows the secrets of the stones
I am a child who knows the pathways of the sun
I am a child who knows the ages of the moon
Who but I hears the threatening noise of doom?

© 2009 tim hall


from Live In Your Psyche: Kozfest 2016, released June 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Tim Hawthorn Glastonbury, UK

Singer - songwriter
Elder Bard of Ynys Witrin
Silver on the Tree
Avalonian Free State Choir
Invisible Opera
The Silver Twiglets
The Archetypes

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